Legends of Union County

Welcome to Legends of Union County

As the people that have established themselves here in Union County have unique and various backgrounds- so are the stories. These communities have proven themselves to be strong and resilient in the face of despair and hardship, laying a foundation of hope for prosperity. Legends of Union County salutes the traditions and history found here and wish to celebrate the air of southern life. That and to give y'all the opportunity to buy a souvenir t-shirt for cousin Sally.


We pride ourselves in the fact that we personally design and hand carve the printing blocks used for these hand printed shirts. Based right here in Waxhaw North Carolina, we use the best ink available for this process and in true Southern fashion it takes it's own sweet time to dry. Keep coming back to check on new designs we will be adding whenever we get around to it.


Please note: I don't show children's or women's size options but I will do what I can to get you any size you need. The colors of the shirts are especially selected for and are specific to the individual designs.


Price includes shipping cost to anywhere in the USA.

Cane Creek KUDZU Tea Company

Legend has it that in 1947 one of the Harkey boys tripped and fell from getting tangled in some of the kudzu vines in the back field. They figured that there had to be some use for this dang weed other than killin' people and feeding the goats so they came up with the idea of turning it into something tasty. The Cane Creek Kudzu Tea Company was founded on the banks of the Cane Creek and they continued to produce and sell the kudzu tea products until 1962.


Mineral Springs Biscuit Flour 1933

In 1928 - against his wife Cora's expressed wishes, Willie Austin entered her baked goods in the National Biscuit Contest in South Webster, Ohio. He knew that most Southern chefs have had an advantage in creating biscuits. Northern American all-purpose flours are made from the hard spring wheat that grow in the North's cold-winter climate. Southern American bleached all-purpose flours, originally grown in the Carolinas, are made from the soft winter wheat that grows in the warm Southern summer. After collecting the first place $25 cash prize and a set of log cabin salt and pepper shakers Willie returned to Mineral Springs and continued running his Bates Branch mill for a number of years.



Waxhaw Dry Goods

Legend has it that in 1880 Maynard Endicott came to the small crossroads called Waxhaw and decided to open shop and sell tobacco, sugar, flour and coffee to the few residents and the train passengers passing through. Up till the store closed in 1928 he always joked about the leaking roof and the early "wet" years of the Dry Goods Store.